3 ways to Future-proof your Mental Fitness

Most people spend a lot of time and effort – and money – on improving and maintaining a healthy level of physical fitness.

2020 has certainly shown us just how important it is to treat our mental fitness as equally important.

Here are 3 no-cost, straightforward and specific ways to help you achieve and keep your optimal mental health and wellbeing.

  1. Know your own personal stressors and triggers – and have specific actions you take to reduce the impacts of these as soon as they appear.
  2. Be selective in what you ‘consume’. Time to watch less news and current affairs? Are there people you associate with that constantly drain your energy? Are the books you’re reading and movies you’re watching adding true value, pleasure and relaxation to your life?
  3. Identify your support network. Give people you are close to and trust permission to tell you if they are concerned about your mental health. (And promise them you’ll listen.)
Ideally, these 3 actions are part of your more comprehensive personal mental health plan.
Give me a shout if you want to know more about what your plan should include.

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