Why Choose Me To Help You?

Custom-made Solutions

You won't need to choose an off-the-shelf program - everything I do is 100% customised to the outcomes each client wants for their team.

Scheduling Your Learning Events

Every organisation is different. That’s why I tailor learning events to fit in with your culture, your priorities, your needs and wants … as well as your budget. Time of day and day of the week is entirely your choice.

Online: 60 minutes to ½ day

In person

  • ‘Lunch & Munch’ sessions 
  • ½ day to full day
  • Residential programs

... or even a series of shorter events scheduled over several months can all be catered for.

Individual and Group Coaching are further options that can be incorporated to create a custom solution to the business problems and challenges you want to address.

My Guarantee

Your time (and that of your staff) is your most valuable commodity. I respect that and want to ensure you get a great return on your investment – your investment of time, energy and money.

  • 110% Guarantee 
  • If I don't deliver what I've promised, you pay nothing
  • ... and I pay you 10% of my quoted fee as an apology for letting you down

That’s my promise – and peace of mind for you.

In over 30 years of business, I'm proud to have never had to honour that promise!

My Style

People come to seminars and conferences, not only to learn, but also to enjoy themselves. It is important that they feel…

  • Challenged (but unthreatened)
  • Curious (but not confused)
  • Excited (but not overwhelmed), and perhaps most importantly…
  • Personally motivated and inspired (not pushed or coerced).

You and your people are guaranteed to experience all this – and more – during my programs. Participants only need to bring their willingness to learn and an openness to possibility – then you can let me do the rest!


Why I Do This Work

Tragically, there’s an enormous lack of understanding about mental health conditions in our society.

Additionally, we tend to avoid things we don’t understand and become frightened of what we can’t see.

Consequently, mental health and its related issues become the elephant in the roomespecially in workplaces.

I’m on a mission to talk about this particular elephant.

I fully understand why people avoid conversations about mental health. It could get messy. We might not know exactly what to say. We’re anxious about making something worse for someone else.

Yet our lack of confidence – and skills – in dealing with mental health issues at work is not only draining profits and slashing productivity.

It’s leading to people struggling and suffering in silence. Our avoidance and fear cause people to experience isolation and shame. Tragically, this can lead to a sense of desperation and hopelessness. Some make the irreversible decision to end their own lives.

It's time to end the suffering and save lives.

It's time to build our confidence in having the tough conversations. It's time to find our courageous voices.

I'm a survivor of Postnatal Depression and PTSD after some very challenging events in my life. I know the isolation someone with mental health challenges can experience.

Tragically, my brother chose to end his life many years ago. I know the enormous impact that had on my family and his friends.

My mission and burning passion are clear

To help people have the courage to speak up when they need help
To enable people to confidently and compassionately look out for others and
To create workplaces that are highly productive, profitable, psychologically safe and enable everyone to perform at their best.

I deeply believe we just might save some lives along the way.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Member of the beyondblue Ambassadors and Speakers Bureau
  • Accredited in Mental Health First Aid
  • Fellow of the Institute for Learning Professionals
  • Accredited practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (to Step II Advanced Level)
  • Accredited practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Generative Learning
  • Recipient of the Speaker of the Year (VIC) Award from Professional Speakers Australia
  • BA in Sociology and Psychology
  • Author of the best-selling book Women on the Move: How you can create your place in the world
  • A featured expert in The Age (Melbourne) newspaper
  • A depth of understanding of human behaviour derived from study, research & experience in working with diversity
  • More than 3 decades of experience working with 1000s of organisations and countless people through my Speaking, Coaching and Consulting company, now called Communicate with Courage.

My Bio

I so strongly believe it’s time to build our confidence in having the tough conversations. And there are tough conversations that need to take place in lots of areas of our lives.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Creating Psychological Safe and Mental Healthy Workplaces
  • Eliminating bullying, exclusion and intolerance of differences
  • Resolving differences of opinion so we reach outcomes everyone can accept and live with
  • Communicating in a professionally assertive manner – being clear, firm and polite

Please see Qualifications and Experience for specific details of how I’ve developed this expertise.

Clients who sing my praises include:
  • Maroondah, Ballarat, Wyndham & Manningham Councils
  • Accor Hotels
  • Environment Protection Authority (Victoria)
    Country Fire Authority – Victoria
  • ANZ and NAB
  • Aquawash Technologies
  • Association of Business Managers Victorian Secondary Schools
  • Association of Regulatory & Clinical Scientists
  • National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)
  • Public Health Association of Australia
  • Assumption College, Buckley Park College and Mentone Grammar
  • Baw Baw Community Network
  • EAN (Executive Assistants Network)
  • Gippsland Event Management
  • Organisational Excellence Australia
  • Canon, HP, IBM & Fujitsu Australia
  • IOOF Holdings
  • EY (Ernst & Young)
  • PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers)
  • Deakin, Melbourne and Western Sydney Universities
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • State Revenue Office – Victoria
  • First National Real Estate
  • BP
  • Municipal Association of Victoria
  • National Association of Field Experience Administrators
  • Professional Association of Nurses in Developmental Disability Areas (Aust)
  • Informa Corporate Education
  • Citrus Australia
  • CPA – Women’s Network
  • Safety Institute Australi
  • Microsoft
  • Zurich Financial Services
  • CAVAL Human Resources Group


My Values

Sandi Givens Presenting
Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, Sensitivity and Respect

Valuing and Acceptance of Diversity

Nurturing self in order to do the same for others

Fun, Laughter, Spontaneity

Contributing to the lives of others

My Life Outside Work

With a life-long value on contributing to my community, since 2008 I have been involved in our local Cancer Council Relay For Life annual event.

I love volunteering – I meet new and interesting people, I learn new skills – and I delight in making a contribution.

I now also volunteer for Vision Australia (helping at the annual Carols by Candlelight event) and beyondblue (raising awareness and funds at events such as the Australian Open and the annual AFL beyondblue Cup).

Reading, cooking, music, craft work and walks in nature are relaxing pastimes for me. Having friends to my place for good food, laughter and sharing stories is high on my pleasure list.
Especially important to me is continuing my own learning and growth, helping others do the same and to leave a positive mark on the world.

My Clients Say It Best

Client comments of which I am most proud include:
I am one of the most authentic facilitators they have worked with.
They can't believe how quickly the group feels safe and at ease.
I make the complex issues of communication seem simple and new skills attainable by all.
The learning 'sticks' because the learners have taken ownership of it, as well as taking responsibility for their future.
Let's work together and make our workplaces more productive and more humane ... not to mention ensuring our workplaces are compliant with OH&S laws and ending the expense of compensation claims, absenteeism, presenteeism and Fair Work cases.