Valued Employees

Do your employees feel valued? (Part 1)

Helping your employees feel valued is part of creating a psychologically (mentally) safe workplace. Not feeling valued can leave people feeling powerless – that nothing they say or do really matters.

If it’s time to really show staff you care about them and do value their contribution, here are some great initiatives that will get you moving in the right direction.

  1. Be transparent and authentic in your communication. Let them know ‘what they see is what they get’ from you. Employees will feel trusted when you do this and that they are an important part of the organisation.

    Communicate frequently and keep them up to date with what’s happening in the organization.
  2. Simple, effective … and so often overlooked. Say ‘thank you’.

    A simple verbal thank-you from a manager can be more important than you might imagine. Alternatively (or in addition), you could also send a note of thanks by email, copied to someone higher in the organization to give extra weight to your appreciation.
  3.  Give staff the recognition they deserve.

    Have they met what seemed like an impossible deadline? Have they exceeded expectations in some way? Delighted a customer?

    Recognition can come in a variety of forms, from simple and no/low cost (done frequently) to little cost (such as early departure/late arrival, time off, a bonus, a gift card. The most important thing is that deserved recognition really happens.
  4. Further to initiative #3, it’s important to make sure the type of reward/recognition you are giving is something that is valued by the employee.

    For some, a gift card for their favourite store or type of product/service will be treasured. (Because you know your staff well, you’ll be aware of what this is for each employee.)

    For others, a significant way of being recognised for a job well done is to be given paid time off (not from annual leave) to spend with their family.
  5. Provide ways for employees to give praise and recognition to each other. Not only can this help you see effort you might have overlooked, it also can help foster better working relationships amongst your team.
  6. Surprising someone with a small token of appreciation can speak volumes.

    Leaving their favourite chocolate bar, snack or tea break drink on their desk is simple, low-cost, and effective.

More ideas coming in Part 2 soon!

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