Are your employees psychologically safe?

Are you protecting their mental health and wellbeing?

Are you fulfilling your legal duty to eliminate and reduce risks to psychological health, and identifying hazards and assessing associated risks?

Find out how mentally healthy your workplace is

WorkSafe Victoria Says

“Employers have a responsibility to ensure employees stay safe at work and return home every day. If you don’t take care of your employees, we’ll make sure you do.”

Mentally Healthy Humans

We need to create psychologically safe workplaces where people and the bottom line thrive

Tragically, there’s an enormous lack of understanding about mental health conditions in our society.

And we tend to avoid things we don’t understand and become frightened of what we can’t see.

Because of our avoidance and fear, people are dying. People are experiencing such isolation, shame and desperation, they are making the irreversible decision to end their own lives.

Thankfully, many do not make this choice. Instead, they suffer in silence. They put on false smiles and say everything is OK. They alter aspects of their lifestyles – like avoiding social situations – to be able to cope with the overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety.

It's time to end the suffering and save lives.

Find out how mentally healthy your workplace is