#NeverAlone Podcast Interview with Sandi Givens on her experience of PostNatal Depression

#NeverAlone Podcast interviews Sandi Givens about her experience of Postnatal Depression

Having experienced Postnatal Depression some 26 years ago after the birth of her son, Sandi speaks with Mark Fielding, Psychotherapist & Relationship Counsellor and Joe Ambridge about her diagnosis and path to recovery.

As Mark explains, PND is a complex illness, as new mothers and fathers are coming to terms with meeting the needs of a new baby while also undergoing shifts in their own identities.

Although Sandi did not experience any form of trauma during childbirth or had any previous history of mental illness (which can be a contributing factor to PND), she says she definitely felt the guilt and shame of not being able to cope as well as other new mothers seem to be able to do.

Additionally, despite her son being a much longed-for baby, Sandi didn't not feel the natural bonding that often accompanies new motherhood.

Like most experiences of any diagnosed mental health condition, Sandi's journey was unique and incredibly challenging. Yet she was determined to find the personal learning in her experience and become an advocate for the destigmatisation of mental illnesses and help others in their recovery. 

This episode includes ... 

  • Comments from a qualified Psychotherapist, Mark Feilding, on the factors that can contribute to PND and methods of treatment that may be required
  • Sandi's perspective on her illness and why her return to good health was slow
  • Fears and concerns Sandi had during her illness - especially about the health and development of her son while she was unwell
  • Some tips and strategies from Sandi to encourage other mothers who aren't feeling well to seek help early from trusted family, friends and medical professionals

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