managing mental health during coronavirus pandemic with sandi givens

Managing your Mental Health during Self-Isolation - Coronavirus Pandemic

People are calling this ‘interesting times’, challenging times’ … even just downright weird times.

All of that is true. The very fabric of our communities and societies is changing due to COVID-19. We are being asked to work from home, self-isolate, and practice social distancing.

We need to deal with wide ranging disappointments – from cancelled concerts to embargos on travel. Our usual forms of entertainment and relaxation aren’t available to us.

And most of all, the social circles and connections we normally rely upon to support, sustain and re-energise ourselves have shrunk.

I’m Sandi Givens – Workplace Mental Health Specialist and passionate advocate of all of us looking after own mental – or psychological – well-being and simultaneously looking out for each other.

So how do we do this during this period in our history?

While social distancing and isolation is required to contain the spread of the coronavirus, it may also contribute to poor psychological or mental health.

And what exactly are the risks to our mental health we might face if we take no action?

In this episode I share:

  • The potential physical and emotional/mental impacts of loneliness that can be experienced as a result of self-isolation
  • Research and examples that show when we come together as a community and look for ways of helping others, out mental well-being benefits
  • Five specific, easy-to-implement ideas to get your creative juices flowing about how you can look after yourself - and look out for others during this new world we find ourselves in.

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