I help businesses and organisations of 50 to 500 people create more psychologically safe workplaces.

What’s a ‘psychologically safe workplace’?

It's where...
  • People feel safe to voice their opinions and ask for help without worry of being harshly judged and discriminated against
  • Staff are equipped with the confidence, courage and skills to resolve conflicts and differences of opinion
  • There is zero tolerance – and a complete absence - of bullying, harassment, exclusion and back-stabbing gossip about workmates
  • All employees are working at their most productive and are proactively helping each other
  • All employees are looking after their own mental health and well-being – and actively looking out for each other
  • All leaders and senior management are role models of the desired workplace behaviours and actively nurture a positive, inclusive and supportive culture
If these characteristics don’t describe your workplace, I guarantee I can help.
The Palladium Ballroom at Crown had well over 1100 people enjoying a fabulous breakfast, being entertained by Glenn Shorrock and listening to keynote speaker Adam Thompson. Sandi, you stole the show! Your delivery style of connecting with the audience and holding their attention was the highlight of the morning. How many people present a corporate message and get a call for two rounds of applause from the MC – and enthusiastic response from the guests? You did! You exceeded expectations!
Elaine Dickson
National Director and Past Victorian President, Australian Institute of Office Professionals

Custom-made Solutions

You won't need to choose an off-the-shelf program - everything I do is 100% customised to the outcomes each client wants for their team.

My Guarantee

Your time (and that of your staff) is your most valuable commodity. I respect that and want to ensure you get a great return on your investment – your investment of time, energy and money.

  • 110% Guarantee 
  • If I don't deliver what I've promised, you pay nothing
  • ... and I pay you 10% of my quoted fee as an apology for letting you down

That’s’ my promise – and peace of mind for you.

In over 30 years of business, I'm proud to have never had to honour that promise!

My Style

People come to seminars and conferences, not only to learn, but also to enjoy themselves. It is important that they feel…

  • Challenged (but unthreatened)
  • Curious (but not confused)
  • Excited (but not overwhelmed), and perhaps most importantly…
  • Personally motivated and inspired (not pushed or coerced).

You and your people are guaranteed to experience all this – and more – during my programs. Participants only need to bring their willingness to learn and an openness to possibility – then you can let me do the rest!

Sandi Givens Psychological Safety Works