TAPSHO Process
How to get your Team more Productive, Loyal & Engaged
Productivity and engagement drop significantly when an employee is struggling mentally or emotionally at work. Loyalty increases when your team knows you care about them.

My TAPSHO process guides leaders and managers to confidently prepare to talk with one of their team whose mental health they are concerned about.

If you're concerned, but at a loss to know what to do, I guarantee this process will help.

You want to feel confident to speak with your employee in a respectful and supportive way and convey your concern without them feeling their privacy is being invaded.

You need no longer worry about having these crucial conversations with your employee.

Get your copy of this free resource now and feel equipped to have what otherwise might be an extremely nerve-wracking conversation.

My TAPSHO process is free - and it takes only 10 to 30 minutes of your time to complete. 

Guidelines for each of the 6 steps is included.

(I promise my TAPSHO process will build your skills and boost your confidence!)

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