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The State Of Mental Health In Australia

In this episode, Sandi shares some startling information and statistics about the state of mental health in Australia - and the impact it is having on business.

You will learn:

  • The three distinct and compelling cases for businesses to treat psychological safety as a priority
  • What ignoring mental health and psychological safety is costing Australian businesses nationally each year - and how these costs are broken down into absenteeism, presenteeism and compensation claims
  • Exactly what the term 'presenteeism' means and how you can identify in your place of work
  • An organisation's reputation, and ability to attract and retain top performers can be negatively impacted by lack of psychological safety
  • The ROI businesses can expect from investing in mental health initiatives
  • Legal requirements of all businesses in regard to psychological safety
  • The relevant Laws and Acts you must comply with
  • Researched and documented statistics about the prevalence of mental health conditions in workplaces and the national rate of suicide
  • Some tangible and valuable actions you can take at your workplace TODAY that will vital first steps in assessing the psychological safety in YOUR workplace.
  • The FREE ROI Tool you can use to calculate the expected ROI of investing in mental health initiatives for a business in your industry and of your size.

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