Workshop Facilitation

I love facilitating workshops! Extended time means we get to get personal.
By that I mean, I can spend more time with individuals, discussing their specific concerns and scenarios. This is when real learning and post-program application can occur.

My workshops are different to what your team may have experienced in the past...

Within the first 15 minutes, learners will know and feel they are in a safe space. It is safe to ask questions, make comments and simply be their real selves.

There’s no ‘death by PowerPoint’. I prefer to use flip charts which are dynamic and allow me to work with the group, rather than preach at them.

My workshops are more like conversations than lectures.

We laugh, talk and learn together.

I listen not only with my ears, but also with my eyes. And I will ‘say what I see’ – privately and one-on-one if that is the most appropriate.

There’s no theory for the sake of it. The question I will always provide the answer for (even when it’s not asked) is “So what? What can I do differently now that I know that?”

I firmly believe the time spent in a workshop is wasted unless people take action on what they have learned. I tell the group this, charging them with the responsibility to not waste their time and energy (and the organisation’s money).

Workshop Topics

Lunch ‘N Munch, ½ day to full day

Get Clued up about mental health – Know the signs and know your risk

For organisational leaders, this workshop covers:

  • The facts about the state of Mental Health in Australia and businesses
  • Identifying the costs to your business of not looking after the psychological
  • Safety of your employees
  • How to get ROI from your mental health and well-being initiatives
  • Legal responsibilities relating to workplace psychological safety
  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety – what does it look like in the workplace?
  • How to check for psychological safety risk factors in your organisation
  • Valuable online resources and identifying your next steps

​Courageous and Compassionate Conversations about Mental Health

For employees in any role, this workshop covers:

  • The facts about Mental Health
  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety – how can you recognise these at work?
  • Why are we frightened to talk about it?
  • How to have a conversation with someone you are concerned about
  • Providing support
  • The power of non-judgemental listening and respectfully asking questions
  • Your role and responsibilities as a co-worker
  • Valuable online resources and identifying your next steps

​Be courageous – looking after your own mental health and well-being

For employees in any role, this workshop covers:

  • Mental Health and Physical Health – both are real, and both are important
  • What does good mental health look like?
  • How do you maintain optimal mental health and well-being?
  • What are your personal warning signs?
  • Signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • You’re not crazy – and treatments aren’t always chemical
  • How to ask for help when you need it
  • Valuable online resources and identifying your next steps